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The Folke Institute is a consulting, research and training firm that develops, designs, and deploys programs to help individuals and organizations acquire the skills and insights needed to achieve success in today’s global workplace.

In a world where human resources are the only sustainable source of competitive advantage, success depends on the ability to excel in multicultural environments. We enable individuals, teams, and organizations to transcend international and intercultural borders to compete on a global scale. Clients value our services in terms of measurable reduction to the costly misunderstanding and mistrust which often occur when people from diverse cultures work together. We work in corporate, academic, community and one-on-one sessions.

The Folke Institute Team: Carrie L. Spell-Hansson

Carrie L. Spell-HanssonFew people discover the career that they are passionate about, a career where their professional and personal life blend and complement each other. Carrie Spell-Hansson is an individual fortunate enough to have found hers, and is doing her life’s work.  Carrie’s goal is to work with individuals and organizations to promote and enhance organizational effectiveness through research and training in managing and leveraging diversity.  She is committed to providing organizations with the tools they need to create and sustain a successful organizational culture.

Carrie received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida and her masters in Organizational Development from the University of Scranton.  Her passion in the areas of diversity and inclusion, and cross-cultural competencies inspired her to pursue a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University.  Carrie has worked in higher education, non-profit organizations and corporations in such areas as affirmative action,  social equity, organizational development and culture change.  She has held positions as Director of Social Equity at East Stroudsburg University, Dean of Intercultural Development at Lafayette College and Vice President of  Organizational Development and Culture Change at Planned Parenthood Federation of America prior to becoming a full-time external consultant and facilitator.

As a consultant and facilitator, Carrie has worked with many successful organizations within the U.S., the Caribbean, and Canada, including, TimeLife, PepsiCo, USG, Prudential and the American Counseling Association.  She has presented her research, on effective multicultural teams, cross cultural communication, and intercultural conflict, at numerous conferences within the US and Europe.  She also works as an adjunct faculty teaching Organizational Behavior, Effective Multicultural Teams. 

Our Identity
Folke (Swedish for "Folk"): the people of a society or region considered as the representatives of a way of life, and as the originators or carriers of the customs, beliefs, and practices comprising a distinctive culture. The Folke Institute is therefore the People's Institute.


Our Emblem

The Baobab is also known as the Tree of Life
The Baobab tree is known for its longevity and vitality. Every unique part of the tree serves a purpose: leaves for medicine, bark for fabric, fruit for food, and trunk, shelter for people and animals alike.


Our Logo
A radiant array of individual parts, unified in an implicitly infinite circular form, in perspective. The composition has dynamic depth and potential, while the all-inclusive spectral cycle speaks to progression, tolerance, and transformation.

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FF Scala Sans is a humanist sans-serif designed by Dutch designer Martin Majoor for the Vredenburg Music Center in Utrecht. It is modeled on serif old style faces with beautiful calligraphic features.

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